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Olive’s Blanket Knitting Kit – Knitting for Olive X Cardiff Cashmere


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Wonderfully warm and snuggly, the super soft cashmere baby shawl is knitted using the best cashmere yarn fibre sourced in Mongolia and made in Italy. A treasured gift for every family’s precious new arrival, perfect for a baby shower, newborn or special occasion.

Collaboration kit with Knitting for Olive using Cardiff Cashmere.

Included in the Kit:

– Officially printed Knitting for Olive pattern

– Cardiff Cashmere yarn colour of your choice ( 12 skeins in Cardiff box )

– Circular knitting needles

– Darning needle

– Stitch markers

– Cardiff Cashmere sew on tag

– Gift ready branded drawstring organza bag

– Cotton shopper style project bag

– Clothes Doctor No.3 Cashmere eco wash 50ml worth £8.1

– Pattern support from Knitting for Olive

About the Pattern:

Olive’s Blanket is a soft blanket in a delicate leaf pattern, ideal for keeping little ones warm.
The blanket is worked in the round from the center and out, following charts. The initial rounds can be worked either with double pointed needles or circular needles. If circular needles are chosen, the Magic Loop technique should be applied.

Finished measurements: Approx. 100 x 100 cm [40 x 40]”

About the yarn:

The finest cashmere yarn, a lot of bounce and no irritation at all against bare skin, no loose hair or shedding, chain construction, easy to knit, easy to care for, durable and minimal pilling.

Cardiff Classic is the most popular Cardiff yarn that works well with all knitting stitches and in particular with well-defined ones.



            100% Cashmere


           3.50 – 4.50 mm (US 4 – 7)


               3.5 – 4.5 MM (US E – 7)


            4 ply / DK

            25 grams = 112 metres (122 yards)



               Hand wash with wool detergent, once done, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and dry flat.



Cashmere inspired the born and development of the Cardiff by a family of Biella entrepreneurs who in the 80′ saw and believed in this fiber as the highest expression of quality and prestige in the panorama of textile production. Over the years, the company philosophy has always been based on fundamental principles such as the exclusive specialisation in the selection and transformation of the best cashmere fibers, dedicating every resource and capacity to their refinement and search for quality in every area.


All Cardiff yarns are produced within the Biella textile district, where the traditional method of the various processes is carried out with a modern and forward-looking approach. In fact, the various phases make use of sophisticated production methods that are increasingly environmentally friendly and able to combine the characteristics of the cashmere fiber with a totally customised technology that guarantees and enhances the typical Italian artisan taste, creativity and quality.


The best cashmere in the world comes from the highlands of Inner Mongolia, an impervious area of Central Asia whose temperature undergoes severe changes in temperature between the seasons and between day and night. To survive these conditions, Hircus goats develop very thick coats consisting of a rough outer coat and a fine and soft undercoat which is then combed at the beginning of the summer season and used in the textile industry. It is in this suggestive region of the world that Cardiff, through a responsible selection of suppliers, procures the best raw materials on the market.


To select the best lots, main features such as fineness (never more than 15.5 microns), length (never less than 38mm), colour (always the whitest and cleanest) and any impurities are carefully evaluated. The mix of these characteristics allows to produce yarns which then have better processing performance, a softer hand, greater resistance to pilling and greater durability once worked.


Creating Cardiff yarns requires care and craftsmanship at every stage. The first is that of carding or preparation, where the cashmere begins to come to life. Spinning is the next stage, where the fiber really becomes yarns. This then moves on to the twisting phase where, depending on the request, the yarn is twisted into several plies. The dyeing process, depending on the yarn, is done before or after it comes to life. All these phases are carried out within the famous and renowned Biella textile district, where tradition and innovation blend magically.

Every season, Cardiff updates its collection in perfect harmony with the modern needs of fashion and in full harmony with ethical and sustainable values. The palettes go from crystalline pastel colors that give a romantic and fresh image to shades in stark contrast to neutral colors with almost invisible shades, reaching earth tones for a sense of balance and harmony. Metallic accents can never be lacking, which give magnetism to the yarns, making them luminous, seductive, almost magical.

Since always Cardiff has considered sustainability as a main part of his entire activity. We have never lost our responsibility for the people, for our Planet and in particular for our territory, in all production phases. Our raw materials are carefully selected to guarantee the correct animals’ treatment in their farms. All the process transformations are carried out in the Biella textile district, allowing to keep intact a centuries-old tradition and the sustenance of dozens of families operating in this area. This strong bond means that each of our products follows a more artisanal rather than an industrial logic, giving each yarn its own soul and identity. These processes allow a lower impact in terms of environmental pollution and a reduction in waste and resources used, in total contrast with the fast-fashion logic. For Cardiff, sustainability means allowing future generations to grow and live in a better world while keeping intact the traditions that bind us to our past.

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