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Extra Large Pom Pom Detachable with snap button


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The favourite finishing touch by the most famous makers around the world!

Super soft fluffy pom pom with press button / snap button (both sides included)

Easy to attach and sew on items, easily detachable when you wish to wash your garment, or transfer to your new project!

Perfect finishing touch for hats, slippers, scarves, blankets, etc.

Give your pom pom a little mist ( water will do, I use my knitwear mist from Clothes Doctor ) and leave to dry ( or use a hair dryer ) if they look like could use a little pick-me-up.

Size:  18-20 cm ( 7-8 inches)

Material: Raccoon

Please note that each pom pom has its own unique colour and texture, the colour and look may vary from the photo. Photos are taken in sunset and it is more light beige in daylight.