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Double Pointed Needles 5.5 – 12 mm


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Double Pointed Needles (Birch)

The best way to knit small ‘in the round’ projects such as socks, the tops of hats, even the fingers of gloves. Also brilliant for swatching, I-cord…

Double-pointed needles intimidate many an intrepid knitter but they are simpler to use than they look – just knit with two needles at a time while the others hold the rest of the project.

DROPS Birch Double pointed needles are adored by knitters the world over for their ease of use, comfort – and their stunning looks of course! The gorgeous wood surface is perfect for ‘slippy’ yarns; the warmth is kind to hands and the needles are wonderfully flexible. Just don’t get distracted by how pretty they are…

These needles are 20cm (8″) long. “For those who love to knit”: DROPS Birch needles are designed for people who appreciate quality and love knitting.

Please select the diameter of needles you require from the drop-down menu in the ‘Size’ box.

Price is per set of 5.