Alpaca Yarn

Soft, strong and luxurious, alpaca yarn is the ideal choice of wool if you want to knit items that are gorgeously smooth to touch. Whether you’re working on a woollen hat and scarf or cosy sweater, alpaca wool is a great option. And for knitting projects that require the ultimate smoothness, baby alpaca offers a glossy finish that glistens when it catches the light.

The soft and smooth touch of alpaca yarn means it’s a really lovely yarn to work with. One of the real joys of knitting with alpaca is that it hasn’t been exposed to chemical treatments prior to dyeing. That means it creates a better shape and quality of texture than other types of wool. And you won’t have to worry about wool allergies, as alpaca wool doesn’t contain lanolin.

Choose from our range of high quality alpaca wool, from the 100% superfine Drops Alpaca to the Drops Baby Alpaca Silk, a mix of 70% baby alpaca and 30% mulberry silk.

If you’re still wondering if alpaca is the right choice, here are some of the great benefits of this light and durable wool…


  • Lanolin free – making it the perfect choice for those with wool allergies, including babies
  • Hypoallergenic – great news for anyone sensitive to allergens
  • Super soft and lightweight – thanks to the magic air bubbles in the wool fibre
  • 100% biodegradable – an environmentally friendly choice as alpaca wool break down easily
  • Water and odour resistant – due to the fibres no retaining moisture
  • Breathable – another benefit of the magic air bubbles, letting air pass through to let your skin breathe